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There are many different types of church grants available, but they basically fall into three categories.  These categories are:

  1. Denominational Grants - Many denominations provide grants for specific projects, outreach, and social ministry.  Some provide grants for missions to get started.  Churches that are more liturgical in nature tend to be more involved in Grants Giving; such as The United Methodist Church, The United Church of Christ, etc.  If you are an independent church, you will not generally be eligible for Denominational grants.  When you are part of a denomination, you send money to the headquarters (along with all other churches in the group) to support such missions and ministries, and this is usually where the funding comes from.                            Lists of Grants

  2. Government grants - The US Government provides FAITH BASED GRANTS to churches, ministries, and non-profits that are already involved in carrying out the social work which the government is interested in seeing. Keep in mind that when you take money from the government, you are in their pocket, and you will be responsible for reporting, paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork.  You are basically buying a job.  There are no government grants to do "evangelistic work, soul saving, preaching, etc".  Funds are specifically for social work, and you can read more about this here.  

  3. NEW!  The Department of Homeland Security is making available funds for Emergency Food and Shelter Programs from the $100 Million Economic Recovery Act, including those run by Religious organizations.  More Info

  4. Private Grants - Private Grants are available, but rare.  Private means than an individual, business, or organization funds it.  Most businesses and organization that are large enough to fund grants will support a non-sectarian organization such as the United Way, Red Cross and others.  Some support the Salvation Army, which, although it is a church, represents the best efforts of social ministry the church has offered. That leaves individuals and perhaps small local businesses.   Small local businesses will sometimes provide assistance to a local church - again - if there is a specific ministry purpose of helping the community  (not usually for building a church or winning the lost). We are working on developing   private grants to help churches find nice worship furniture and equipment.        The Foundation Center    Fundsnet     Lists of Grants

  5. Grants to Build - Buy - Remodel a Church - Many places will entertain you with the notion that you can get money to buy a church, build one or remodel one.  Unless your denomination has funding available, we do not know of any other sources for free money to build, buy or remodel a church.  If God is leading you to buy, build or remodel, he will provide the funding through the membership.  Don't be foolish and assume money will float from heaven to you.  We know and believe God will supply all needs, but we also believe it is imperative to be following His will, and not your wants.

  6. Biblical Options - The last option we suggest, and really recommend, is that you investigate the Biblical options and instruction that teach that God is our Source.  If you feel that God has called you to a specific ministry, it is then up to God to provide the funds, not you.  If God does not provide the funds, consider that you might not have heard correctly from God about this ministry, and perhaps you should consider joining another ministry that is already involved in carrying out this mission.   We all like to feel that God has a purpose, and wants US to do something for him, but in every army there are many privates and few generals.  It is the privates that get the job done, however, not the generals.  Get the picture?  Good.  Read more here.

Scripture Quote

Proverbs 13: 22

 A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.



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